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38BackendEnhancementLowEnable login from external pageNew
Task Description

<p>Recode the login form and code to get the session key ($contenido) after the login process.<br/>As for now, the session key ist in the login form, which makes it impossible to login through an automated script.</p>

37CoreEnhancementLowAdd more languagesNew
Task Description

<p>As for the internationalization, drugCMS needs to support more languages (setup, backend, plugins, …).</p>

76CoreEnhancementLowFile system: nameable folder to hide system from visito...New
Task Description

<p>Create a folder named &quot;system&quot; in which the system files and folders get moved.<br/>Only the client folder(s) remain in root.<br/>The new folder must be renamed on setup, so only the sysadmin knows it&#039;s name.<br/>In this folder, there must be a .htaccess which routes to the /&lt;new folder&gt;/drugcms/ folder.<br/>The drugCMS backend then is reachable only by entering this folder&#039;s name after the domain.<br/>CAUTION: The client&#039;s config.php file needs to be altered as well!</p><p>As the setup folder get&#039;s moved into this new folder too, setup has to change it&#039;s address on the renaming process in order to continue.</p><p>On (cross-)upgrading from drugCMS 2.0.x/Contenido 4.6.x and 4.8.x, we have to remove the old system folders and files, as they are not within this new folder.<br/>And in this situation the sysadmin (who does the upgrade) also has to enter a new name for this folder, except if he removed it and moved the contained system files and folders back to root (he might already work with a subdomain for the backend).</p>

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